Sunshine, Sea and Silver

Sunshine, Sea and Silver

Apr 16, 2020

If something is shiny, sparkly, inspired by nature and made of silver, I am attracted to it a little like a magpie!

Most of my jewellery to date has been hand crafted pieces.  I had collected a lot of pieces from Greece, where I spent my former years, and as you can imagine the inspiration for those pieces harked back to the days of ancients.

Harking back to The Ancients

Before the arrival of metallurgy in Ancient Greece most adornments were produced in a constant stream of simple clay and bone items, the Bronze age heralded more and more complicated designs  and by the Golden Age,  gold had become the primary decorative raw material for  the nobility followed by silver , lead and bronze. Carefully crafted rings, necklaces and pendants were inspired by nature in the form of delicate leaves, flowers, the sea and of course deities.

Open House

My pieces were not gold, but silver copies of key pieces, gifted to me by friends and family. Unfortunately, on moving back to the UK, we had a break in shortly after arrival and whilst we were still unpacking.  I had made it very easy for the perpetrators, as all my items were in a box marked “ jewellery” !  It was heart wrenching as each piece had a huge sentimental value and could not be replaced. However, no one had been injured and the memories attached to the jewellery cannot be stolen.

Apart from the emotional value a piece of jewellery can have, I am also drawn to certain pieces and feel a real connection to them, especially pieces which resonate with my love of nature, the forest and the sea.

Sunshine, Siesta and Silver

So, imagine my sheer delight on opening some stunning  pieces of silver jewellery which took me back to lazy afternoons of sunshine and siesta’s!

Debra Heyward’s silver jewellery feels like there is a story behind each piece. The silver pebble hoop earrings mirror the shapes of pebbles on the beach and take me back to “magic crystal hunting” days of searching for that illusive pebble that holds the crystal treasure.  The light that reflects of off the necklaces  and the textures of the beads and shapes seems to be have been harnessed from beautiful walks along the shore at sunset.The delicate leaf  and flower earrings take me back to walking up the mountains to find some cool air and the smell of the mouhtain herbs and wild flowers growing in abundance.. That is how I connect to jewellery – with all my senses! Some pieces have it, some pieces don’t!

The IT Factor

Deborah Heyward’s pieces definitely have the “IT” factor. You can feel the energy and light that has inspired her in each  of her pieces and what a joy to find some pieces that remind me of the heady days of a Greek summer!





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