The Colour Green

The Colour Green

May 1, 2020

Ceramics by Lincoln Kirby Bell

Spring, Vines and Figs

I am not sure if it is just me, but time seems to have sped up.  Very strange. Today is May 1st, Beltane. So in our isolation we should rejoice, dance around the Maypole, be our own May Queens and Kings and welcome Jack-in-the-Green!

It was definitely a week that saw the garden bloom into a sea of green foliage. Spring has sprung here in Milford on Sea. Each time I opened the bedroom window in the morning, the vine seemed to have crept a little more over the consvervatory roof.The fig tree is suddenly bursting with leaves and figlets ( baby figs?) , and the rose is climbing its way up the olive tree! I would imagine that the forest is the same, I say “imagine” as  I am for once doing what I am told, and staying home to stay safe.

( Note to Sally)


Now near the end of week 6 of being at home, I am nearly onto ticking off the second thing on my tick list of ““things to do in lockdown”.

Moving on to my third item, it relates to colour. I have always loved green, I have a passion for green things, clothes, jewellery, household appliances…..However, I have over the years managed to intersperse a little pink into my colour schemes , turquoise and the staple of black but there is always green. It makes me happy, makes me feel calm and is very healing. Looking out at the garden as I write, all I can see is green  – mother nature must know what she’s doing!

Vibrational Colours

The psychology of why different people choose different colours is one that intrigues me. Do the colours we choose really reflect our mental, emotional and physical state and on the contrary do the colours we dislike tell us about our weaknesses and vulnerabilities? Why are we drawn to particular colours?  Colours have their own frequency, vibration, as does everything else on the planet, so are we attracted to the colour  by its frequency? Do we resonate at the same frequency as  the colours we like?  Hmm, so that is my third conundrum to work on in lockdown.

The Joy that is Linoln Kirby Bell Ceramics

Back to GREEN and  my favourite bowls in creation by #Lincoln Kirby Bell….tah dah….just makes me smile and feel good!

Lincoln’s ceramics can just brighten up the day! As they did for a lovely lady who was walking past the shop the window on the first of the dull days during lockdown. I had changed the window display and put some of Linocln’s mugs and bowls in situ. Not long after, we had had a comment on insta about the mugs adorned with beautiful blue eyes and red lips and were asked to save two of them for after lockdown. However, I know that feeling of seeing something so much you just want it there and then so  we made sure a delivery was made to the other side of the forest and brightened up the day of a lovely lady!


You can find out about Lincoln at

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