Inspired By Tradition

Inspired By Tradition

May 5, 2020



Andy Urwin

Andy Urwin

That Arty Feeling

I love how the words of a poem, a piece of literature or a song can ignite the senses. Over the centuries artists have been inspired by such and transformed them into paintings on pottery, works of fine art, jewellery and sculptures that have come from a place of passion and creativity.

From Homer to Shakespear to  Bowie

Harking  back to the days of ancient Greece,  poignant bardic moments from Homeric tales were captured in the black and red pottery amphoras telling of the heroic quests of The Illiad & The Odyssey. The 19th century painting by Millais depicted his vision of Ophelia from Shakespeare’s Hamlet and of course the infamous “b” side of  David Bowie’s  Changes where he paid homage to Andy Warhol with a song of the same name, all inspired works.

“Fell in the weeping brook. Her clothes spread wide,
And, mermaid-like, awhile they bore her up;
Which time she chanted snatches of old tunes”

Hamlet, Act IV, Scene vii,

Music, literature, the spoken word, poetry and art are what makes up our cultural identity and heritage. The aesthetic experience of looking at a piece of art in its many forms, listening to a song or reading your favourite part in a book, can conjure up images, smells, colours and music. That’s real magic.

Andy Urwin

During the last week we have been unwrapping ceramic pieces by Andy Urwin. His work is inspired by the traditional Japanese Raku technique using all of natures elements. As I was unwrapping some beautifully glazed boats, it took me back to my childhood and memories of sitting on my fathers knee whilst he recited Edward Lear’s “ The Owl and the Pussy Cat”. The glaze on the boats is stunning, no two peices are the same. Each one with its own individually markings.

I started uwwapping the next treasures which were a plethora of gorgeous raku glazed houses…and off I was again on a daydream of mediterranean mountain villages. By the time I had finished unwrapping, I had  recreated Sartene, in Corsica,  on the shop counter ,with all the beautfifully shaped ceramic  houses and was signing “O sole Mio” at the top of my voice!

Head on over to /  to find out more about Andy and go on a little cultural adventure of your own!


Andy Urwin

Trade Winds Gallery are delighted to be part of the Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) 250 Club. SAS is a marine conservation charity working with communities to protect oceans, waves, beaches and marine life. We are really proud to support the work that they carry out, such as beach clean ups, education and campaigning, and look forward to continuing to be part of the positive change!

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