Peaches and an Orange

Peaches and an Orange

May 7, 2020

The Nation Prepares

As the nation prepares to celebrate VE day in lockdown, there will be no physical street parties, concerts or parades this year however plans seem to be afoot for us to celebrate through cyber space or by taking part in online street parties, garden parties and the like. We have gone all red, white and blue in the gallery window with some lovely spotty tablewared by Dan Hides and some of Andy Urmin’s ceramic Raku houses. We also  put up some copies of the front page of newspapers from 8th May 1945 to the delight of passersby who stop and peruse the front pages on their daily walk.

Reflection and Perspectives

Reflecting on VE Day and the sacrifices that were made for the many, we can acknowledge and show our respect for those who gave so much. However, it is difficult for us to really understand what people went through, the hardships and the loss as we are looking at things from a perspective of reading about WW2 in history books, waching films or through stories told to us by those who remember.

Taking some time out to listen to people who have stories to tell of VE Day puts things into perspective. A cup of tea, a digestive biscuit and some time is al that is needed to make a world of difference.

An Orange and A Tin of Peaches

My daughter asked my mother what she was doing on VE day 75 years ago. My mother would have been  8 years old at the time so we did not expect her to remember too much of the day,however we were not expecting her answer! Her most vivid memory is of eating an orange for the first time and being allowed to open a tin of peaches that had been kept in the pantry for a special occasion! We did think that she may have remebered  crowds of people celebrating in the street or Churchill’s speech. But no, an orange and a tin of peaches. Joking aside,the story behind that one little memory  should maybe  something we should think about.

Interpretations of VE Day

The Imperial War Museum has commissioned an online exhibition  of VE Day created by a range of contemporary artists. It will be launched on Friday, on VE Day, on the IWM website.  It is their interpretations of VE Day told through paintings, poetry and prose, each person with  different experiences, expectations and expressions.

It is defintely a time to reflect  on past, present and future.

Trade Winds Gallery are delighted to be part of the Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) 250 Club. SAS is a marine conservation charity working with communities to protect oceans, waves, beaches and marine life. We are really proud to support the work that they carry out, such as beach clean ups, education and campaigning, and look forward to continuing to be part of the positive change!

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