Keeping in Touch The Old Fashioned Way

Keeping in Touch The Old Fashioned Way

May 17, 2020

Send Some Love – Brooches By Gaby Bird

A Box Full Of Memories

I have a box hidden away full of postcards, birthday cards and small envelope size gifts that I received back in the time when people still sent letters.

I’m not a hoarder in any way but hand-written letters hold sentimental value and over the years I have dusted off the box and gone down memory lane! Reading through them tells a story that crosses cultures, of inter-railing in the ‘80’s and of setting up home in foreign climes.

A Little Bit of Comfort

I sent and received letters every week and I remember the anticipation of receiving a reply to a letter sent. The excitement of opening the letter and thinking about the journey it had gone on to get to me.  It would be the highlight of my day. The expectation of birthday and christmas cards from family who I had not seen for a while. Reading about what they had been up to, what the weather was like, what so and so was doing whilst the letter was being written and what Auntie Mabel had had for tea.


Receiving a text message or email is just not the same. I think there is something special about holding a letter in your hands, of peeling open the envelope. You can normally guess who it is from by the handwriting on the outside. Sometimes letters would come smelling of perfume or with  S.W.A.L.K written across  the back of the envelope. I was never a SWALKER but I used to find the brightest lipstick I had and kiss the seal on the envelope leaving an lip impression for everyone to see on the letter’s 2,000 mile journey across Europe!

The Gift of Receiving

Whilst people are still isolated from their family and friends, especially elderly relatives who may be on their own, why not pick up a pen and write them a letter, draw them a picture, pop in a small token and seal it with a loving kiss….every word you write in the present is making memories and can make someones day.


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