Homework, Ukeleles and Enamel

Homework, Ukeleles and Enamel

May 19, 2020

Steve Payter

Steve Payter

The Art of Homework

HOMEWORK: Design an enamel badge which could be sold to raise funds for good causes. The design must represent people who help or step up. This includes NHS, Carers, Shop Staff, Delivery Drivers, Refuse Collectors, Teachers, Good Neighbours. Give careful thought to your theme, colour scheme and inclusivity.”

So, this is the homework set for the twins by their DT teacher. I have slightly altered the text by using  CAPITAL LETTERS for the people listed who have stepped up or who help….as they should be worthy of that capital letter to make them proper nouns.

A Little Niggle

My little niggle is this ……how about acknowledging  the parents who are either furloughed at home or have been isolated due to health reasons and have become their children’s teachers.  Are we worthy of a badge?  We oversee the childrens homework by logging on  to the Show My Homework app, print out reams of paper, step in when they do not understand and try to explain why x=y=z, motivate and feed endless amounts of encouragement , althouhg grazing seems to have become the preferred form of eating at the moment! End of niggle and I am very appreciative of those parents who are key workers and going in to their jobs every day to keep us all going back at home and that I am safe at home.

The Ukeladies

I love having Thing 1 and Thing 2  ( affectionaly named by Uncle Tim when they were wee ones and  he counldn’t tell them apart!) at home and secretly don’t want them to go back to school.  We   “Go Around the World in the Corona Days” ( a game I made up to entice them into loving Geography), we  have our Creation Station where we get all arty, we have created a group called the “Ukeladies” , yes you’ve guessed,  we are all learning to play the Ukulele and we take it in turns to cook each night … not whilst playing the ukes …..but that could be a new challenge ! No peer pressure, no rushing around, just being us….

Loving Enamel Creations and Steve Payter

Steve Payter – Roll on Slow

But back to  enamel, a friend of mine is a creative lady and a few years ago gifted me a picture. She was practising creating paintings with enamel. I was lucky to become the new keeper of a picture created with a mixture of greens, blues and browns and some glitter ( eco- friendly ).

I love the textures that are built up in the layering of the resin and how the light plays on the surfaces. I had not investigated enamel art any further as I became distracted by other things but more recently, I have been introduced to the art of Steve Payter.

Steve Payter’s interest in enamel started with jewellery designs, but he soon began to take the more unusual and demanding route of creating ambitious larger scale contemporary pieces of art for the wall. His designs are abstract sea and sky creations which are inspired by his Cornish surroundings. He uses fused enamel resin on copper panels to create works that take on complex geometric designs which come from within and are often influenced by the music Steven is listening to at the time.   I am sure you will love his work as much as we do at Tradewinds! Take a look at his work on our website !



Steve Payter – Walking in the Wind

Trade Winds Gallery are delighted to be part of the Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) 250 Club. SAS is a marine conservation charity working with communities to protect oceans, waves, beaches and marine life. We are really proud to support the work that they carry out, such as beach clean ups, education and campaigning, and look forward to continuing to be part of the positive change!

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