Tasting Words and The Aroma of Jewellery

Tasting Words and The Aroma of Jewellery

Jun 5, 2020

                 Nancy Pickard 


Tasting Words

Sometimes I feel like I can see words as colours, sometimes words have a specific smell.  Numbers don’t seem to mix up the senses like this, just some words. It does not happen all the time but on occasions it is very tricky, especially if it is not a pleasant smell or taste that is triggered! Synaesthesia crosses the fields of psychology, neuroscience and psycholinguistics and is an interesting way to study differences in perception in relations to cognitive function such as memory and language. It is said to occur more in “creative” types. However, we often associate an aroma, song or picture to a place and time in our past, so maybe it is just a trick of the memory blending the senses together? This strange phenomenon also seems to affect me when gorgeoous pieces of jewellery come my way!

Jewellery for the Senses   

The latest collection of jewellery to arrive in the gallery sent my senses all over the place in sheer delight! Nancy Pickard’s necklaces of enamelled silver and semi-precious beads took me to a beautiful summer’s day, the smell of the sea air and the taste of sipping a G&T on a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea!

Nancy Pickard 

Nancy Pickard was born in Sao Paolo, Brazil and raised in the Channel Islands. Nancy then went on to continue her studies in London and Cardiff. Eventually, she ended up in Cornwall and now lives in Penzance where she works from her own studio and is always happy to welcome visitors.A painter, artist, jewellery maker, sculptor and ceramicist, Nancy is an artist extraordinaire, who cannot be categorised. Her pieces of jewellery are unique and that one of a kind pieces that still resonate with the time and thought that has gone into their creation.



Nancy really does create some outstanding pieces – the problem is which one do you choose?


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