Get Creative & Express Yourself for Positive Mental Health and Well Being

Get Creative & Express Yourself for Positive Mental Health and Well Being

Jan 24, 2022


Holistic Approaches to Mental Health and Well-Being

The mental health crisis that is effecting adults, teens and children suggests a systemic failure in providing timely tools to manage this phenomea. Research shows that  creativity and arts based mindfulnness can be used to create a unique cognitive shift into a holistic state of mind and with appropriate tools  can be immediately accessible to anybody.

The relationship between the arts and mental health is not a new one  and art therapies of all kinds have been availabe on a holistic presciption for a number of years to help manage issues such as anxiety, depression  and low mental health.  Furthermore, evidence also shows that the arts in non-therapy contexts can sustain and help our emotional well-being being  an outlet for quieting the mind, reflection and meditation.

Three Tips for Arts-Based Mindfulness

Many people think that they are not ” arty” and do not have the necesary abilities to even contemplate taking up a form of art as hobby. However, during the covid lockdowns,  people jumped on to the mindful colouring books bandwagon  that appeared, took up knitting, embroidery and a whole host of  art and crafts – all of which they had previously not even considered. Something which puts alot of people off is the fear of failure , of making mistsakes but don’t forget that unless we make mistakes we can never really learn something !

Here are a few tips to get you started on taking up some arts-based mindfullness hobbies!

Make Mistakes!

Remeber that most artists have practiced their art for years and years until they  find their flow. Making mistakes is all part of the journey! So be brave , free your mind and get creative!

Reuse, recyle, upcycle:

Experiment with different  recylced materials and help the planet at the same time! You can consciously start saving pots, tins, cardboard , jam jars and the like  as well as popping into your local charity shops to stock up on supplies!

Be Quiet!

It is a great idea to listen to some music whilst you are being creative – preferablly without lyrics. The part of the  brain activated during doing visual arts are different than those for speech and langaue. We need to stop the chatter in our minds and indulge in calmness and relaxations and thus releasing neurochemicals that make you feel good!  Create a piece of art whilst listening to a sound journey – the perfect combination  of holistic therapy to calm a  busy mind!

A great way to get inspiration for a new art and craft project is by popping into a local gallery, arts and crafts shop or your local community centre. Local artisans also often run clubs to get you started so don’t be afraid to ask!






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