The Emotion of Art

The Emotion of Art

Feb 2, 2022

Liz Dickinson 

 “Night Dock”

Art to Make You Feel Good

The beauty of art is the effect that is has on our emotions, our connection to that unique piece that makes us feel happy, amazed, peaceful, or even sad, confused and angry!  Like we resonate to certain genres of music, we resonate to certain styles of art. It is a totally unique experience for everyone.

Looking at a piece of art is also like reading a good book, sometimes art shows a snippet in time of the artists life, or it can tell you about the  culture and history of a whole era. Depending on the story the painting tells us, our emotions change, from the tiniest brush strokes, the roughest of textures to the boldest of colours – it can all have effect on our mood.

Liz Dickinson – Lizard Artist

Liz Dickinson

That is why I feel I have a real affinity to the works of Liz Dickinson. One of her paintings in particular, Night Dock, has been calling to me as soon as it arrived in the gallery! It gives me a sense of calm and serenity; it makes me feel safe.

Liz Dickinson hails from Northumberland but has lived in Cornwall on the Lizard penisula for over 25 years. Her work has been influenced by mid-20th century modernism and she is inspired by the sheer beauty of the landscape where the wealth of culture and resources constantly feeds her curiosity.

Liz’s work can be highly figurative, and then delve deeply into the abstraction of the shape and form of her subjects. The textures that build through working and reworking help to establish the mood and nuances of the work, and the open dialogue which she creates between colour, image and inspiration is constantly open.  @liz_artist

So if you are feeling blue, pop into a local art gallery and find that feel good painting that is calling out for you!




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