Don’t Worry Bead Happy!

Don’t Worry Bead Happy!

Feb 9, 2022

Beads May Be the Oldest Form of Art

Don’t you think it is amazing that every studied culture has used beads in one form or another? As a form of art, in prayer, as a symbol of social status and to barter for food and other goods. Beads have been found as far back as 38,000 BC made from teeth and bones which were probably worn as pendants.

The Wonders of the World in a Bead

Just think about how much you could learn from a little bead!  From where the bead makers lived and their inspirations to the materials used to create the beads . They can show so much about the geographical area and social dynamic that they came from; for example; Egyptian beads were fashioned from gold by skilled artisans and showed status, Greek worry beads, komboloi,  were made from glass, wood, amber, olive stones  and semi-precious stones.  They are still used widely today as a form of relaxation, meditation and  to while away the time in the kafenion and of course prayer beads are still used in barious religions to count repetitions of prayers, chants and mantras.


Memories of Childhood Days

It is such a childhood pastime as well, I remember fashioning beads from clay and trying to stick flowers into the clay. Then with my children, it started off with a sticky mixture of flour and water and moved on to Play Doh then Fimo designs of all colours, shapes and sizes. The handmade beads were then left to dry in the sun, to be fashioned later into necklaces , bracelets and pendants and gifted to the lucky few!

I always feel lucky sitting in the gallery as I have the opportunity to gaze upon all of the artisans work on display. None more so than Josephine Wadman’s gorgeous handmade beads. Each piece a holds a story of its own in its intricate design, colour and texture. Josephine sells her beads to jewellery makers but we are lucky enough to have some of her earrings and necklaces in the gallery.


6 Things You Need to Know About Josephine Wadman’s Beautiful Handmade Beads

  1. Josephine creates her little works of art  from her home in Cornwall
  2. Her lampwork beads are created in a flame and are truly unique.
  3. Inspiration is every changing & reflects the beauty of the Cornish countryside
  4. Many different techniques can be achieved from the antique look of opaque glass treated in the flame to pit the surface to the exciting effect of the new newer silvered glasses.
  5. We are lucky enough to be able to stock some of Josephines designs !
  6. Josephine’s jewellery is the perfect present on Valentines Day! 


Come in to and have a look at the items we have in stock !





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